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rebellicious started this conversation

My husband and I with two children live in a small town Lake Butler Florida.  We lost a child due to suicide two years ago.  The whole family witnessed the trauma of suicide.  Since my husband was retired but now, he works such long hours trying to support us.  My children and I have no medical coverage whatsoever.  So we can't seek help to overcome this trauma we went through..My youngest daughter seems to have lots of denial, rebellion, and gets into trouble in school.  Children are so cruel about her trauma, they ask questions about her brother's suicide, her self esteem is so low.  We have not overcome any issues yet without help, but we can't due to no medical.  We are seeking any help to fix our home it's in need of repairs, we can't afford our mortgage.  We are being threatened of foreclosure, our telephone is cut off frequently due to not enough income.  The roof is leaking, the windows do not seal or go down, the heat pump barely works, our floors are awful due to the hurricane we suffered water damage so we lost our flooring.  The roof has holes in it so our ceilings are coming down.  Our power is turned off due to not enough money to pay.  My oldest daughter works part-time and goes to school.  She plan to go to college one day.  We are barely holding on.  So someone out there please help us, we pray for any help.  Thank you

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